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Tourist and travel guide of Zion National Park

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In Zion National Park you can visit places like Zion Human History Museum, The Narrows, Human History Museum or Zion National Park
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Zion National Park (in English, Zion National Park) is a national park in the United States located in the state of Utah near the town of Springdale. The total area covers 593.26 km ². The main attraction of the park is Zion Canyon, a slot of 24 kilometers long and up to 800 meters deep dug by the North Branch of the Virgin River on land of red sandstone. Other attractions are the Great White Throne, the narrow Virgin River and the Kolob arch. In the area of Zion and Kolob canyons are nine aged geologic formations dating to 150 million years, from sedimentation occurred during the Mesozoic Era. During that time, the region was covered by swamps, streams, ponds, lakes, vast deserts and dry beds. Elevations caused by the Colorado board raised the region about 3,000 m for 13 million years. The first humans arrived in the area 8000 years ago. They were small family groups of Native Americans who settled in the region such as the Anasazi basket weavers who arrived in 300 AD. The nomadic habits increasingly pushed the people to move to what is now known as Virgin Anasazi in 500 AD. Another group, the Parowan Fremont also inhabited the area. Around the fourteenth century came the mysterious disappearance of both groups, reaching the Parrusits area and other southern tribes. The gun was discovered by Mormons in 1850, inhabiting two years later. In 1909 he created the National Monument Mukuntuweap, for the protection of the canyon. In 1919 it was decided to extend the protection thus creating the Zion National Park. Zion means in ancient Hebrew place of refuge or sanctuary. The Kolob section of Zion National Monument was proclaimed in 1937 but joined the park in 1956. It is located at the junction of the board of the Colorado, the Great Basin and Mojave Desert. The unique geography and variety of ecosystems allow the existence of a large diversity of flora and fauna. Are recorded 289 species of birds, 75 mammals (including 19 species of bats), reptiles 32especies and a large number of plants. Biodiversity is distributed through four areas: desert, shores, forests and coniferous forests. Among the fauna includes the lion, deer, eagles, California condors and mountain goats.
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