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Tourist and travel guide of Xiàmén

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In Xiàmén you can visit places like Great Heroic Treasure Hall, Overseas Chinese Museum, Great Compassion Hall or Xiàmén
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Xiamen (Simplified Chinese: 厦门, traditional Chinese: 厦门, pinyin: Xiamen, transcription old: Amoy) is a prefecture-level city of Fujian province in China. Its name means "The Gate of the Great Mansion". It has a population of nearly 1,400,000 inhabitants (2002) and covers an area of 1,565 km ². The municipality comprises the islands of Xiamen Gulangyu and Xiamen. The latter are located very near the island of Quemoy; island that is under the administration of Taiwan. The city was founded in 282. In 1387, Ming became the basis for the fight against pirates. It was the main port used by Europeans in 1541 and the most commonly used for export of tea during the nineteenth century. Foreign merchants were only allowed to live on the island of Gulangyu.
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Most Desired Destinations

Overseas Chinese Museum
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Xiamen University
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Huli Shan Fortress
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Nanputuo Temple
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Great Compassion Hall
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Heavenly King Hall
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Great Heroic Treasure Hall
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