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Tourist and travel guide of Würzburg

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In Würzburg you can visit places like Graphische Sammlung, Domschatz, Dom St Kilian or Würzburg
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Würzburg (in German: Wurzburg, Wurz, Gewürz 'spice' and Burg 'village, city, castle') is a town in Bavaria (Germany) capital of Lower Franconia on the Main, a former Episcopal and university city today with floats and some 130,000 inhabitants. It is known that in the current location of the Marienberg castle was already in the year 500. C. a Celtic fort. The place became Christian in 686 by Irish missionaries, Saints Kilian, Kolonat and Totnan. The first diocese was founded in 742 by St. Boniface, St. Burkhard appointed as first bishop of Würzburg. The first church in the area of the present cathedral dates from 788 and was consecrated the same year by Charlemagne, the current building was built between 1040 and 1225 in a very sober Romanesque.
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