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Tourist and travel guide of Windhoek

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In Windhoek you can visit places like Gathemann's Complex, Heinitzburg Castle, Oode Voorpost or Windhoek
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Windhoek (pronounced / vɪnt.hʊk /), in German and Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. The name may derive from afrikaans Wind-Hoek ("corner of wind") or the mountains Winterhoek. It has a population reaches 300,000 inhabitants (12% of the population), consisting of people of German descent (almost 10%), Ovambo, Herero, Nama, Afrikaans (6%), mestizo (basters and coloreds, 10 %), Asian (7%) and all other native ethnic groups. Is the focal point of life in the country and which controls all the political and economic activity in the same shopping center and is a specialist in sheepskins. Windhoek was originally the center of a Nama chief who defeated the Herero inhabitants of the region in the nineteenth century. Germany occupied the region in 1885 and became the seat of colonial rule in 1892 as the capital of the colony of German Southwest Africa (Deutsch-Südwestafrika). During World War I, Windhoek was captured by South African troops and became a British dominion. Until Namibia's independence was proclaimed in 1990, Windhoek was recognized as the capital of South West Africa run by the South African government. Today is still the capital of Republic of Namibia. The city of Windhoek is traditionally known by two names: | Ai ǁ Gams, the Nama people, which literally refers to the hot springs that were once found in Windhoek, while the second name, Otjomuise, was given by the Herero people, meaning 'instead of steam. "Both traditional names refer to the hot springs.
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