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Waterfront in Bintulu (Malaysia)

Address: Bintulu
Part of the world: Asia
Country: Malaysia (see more Market in Malaysia)
City: Bintulu (see more Market in Bintulu)
Type of place: Sights
Category: Market (see more Market near Waterfront)
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As a waterfront or waterfront in modern city planning on the shore of larger water bodies (rivers, canals, lakes, sea) lying districts referred to today because of their often obsolete port facilities, docks and industrial large, but also enormously expensive, and thus long-term projects of urban revitalization . stimulate Until well into the 19th Century, ships were unloaded in the city center along paved quay. Town houses containing so many bullets memory. Cityscapes by Bellotto Bernardo document type still clearly the importance of port operations in the city center. As a result of economic development, including the railways, in the 19th Century economy increasingly at the edge of town. There one could easily construct railway sidings and run accident-proof. In addition, there was more space for warehouse buildings, and the loading and unloading of ships was theft taking place behind walls. Thus arose great, was inaccessible to ordinary citizens harbor areas, and isolated from the normal operation of the port city life. In some cases this led to an almost total rejection of the city from the sea, for example, in Barcelona. The further economic and social progress in the 20th Century opened, however, an opposite tendency. The drop in international passenger shipping and its replacement by air traffic, particularly the introduction of highly automated container terminal (to an even greater distance from the city center) and to specialized ships made the old piers, docks and storage buildings economically obsolete. From the 1960s, therefore, based on the United States in Boston, Baltimore, San Francisco and made attempts at revitalizing the decayed and useless Waterfront in terms of residential and tertiary (office and tourist) uses. This project proved to be as long as mostly successful. Not least because of the potentially increased property values of objects with a water views include the development of waterfronts today's most attractive metropolitan and most promising aspects of city planning. Exemplary here was the importance of the River Walk in San Antonio (Texas), who was already in the time of the Great Depression revitalized as a job creation project by the EPA.
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