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Tourist and travel guide of Volterra

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  • Population: 11130

In Volterra you can visit places like Le Balze, Fortezza Medicea, Pinacoteca Comunale or Volterra
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Volterra is a town in the province of Pisa in the Tuscany region, Italy. Its population is 11,307 people. [Citation needed] Located at an altitude of 403 meters, Volterra is at the heart of Tuscany, a short distance from San Gimignano and Siena. Is considered a living shrine of architecture and art of different periods Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance. [Citation needed] The historic citadel, surrounded by a solid circle of walls, stands atop a hill, 545 m above sea level, dominating and separating the valleys of Cecina and Era.Volterra is home to the Volturi in New Moon movie in the Twilight saga. In the Neolithic, Volterra was already inhabited by man. In the eighth century. C. witnessed the birth of the Etruscan civilization in the area. In the fourth century. C., being Velatri (its Etruscan name) one of the major cities of the "Etruscan League," was surrounded by massive walls 7 km. Under Etruscan domination, Velatri reach a remarkable economic development, leading to record a population of 25,000 people. In 283 a. BC, the Romans defeated the Etruscans at the Battle of Lake Vadimone and some years later he joined the Confederacy Italica, changing its name to Volaterrae. In the V century. C., Volterra diocese became an extensive land area and built the first church. During the Carolingian period, the citadel comes under the power of the Marquis of Tuscany, who drives an outstanding economic development, social, religious and judicial. In the thirteenth century, Volterra was steeped in the struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines. As the citadel belonged to the latter fraction, the Florentine Republic took in 1254, definitely going to be under his power in 1361. As Florence had been progressively weakening self-government and, consequently, increasing at an exorbitant taxes the common people, in 1472 unleashed a revolt led by Giusto Landini exploitation of Florence. Many lost their lives and the citadel took away much of their ancient rights. A mid-sixteenth century, Volterra is part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. In 1860 the town adheres to the unification of Italy.
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