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Tourist and travel guide of Vologda

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In Vologda you can visit places like Saint Sofia's Cathedral and Bell Tower, Kremlin, Lenin Statue or Vologda
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Vologda (Russian: Вологда) is a city, administrative center of the (region) Vologda Oblast of the Russian Federation. The city is situated on the bank of the river Vologda, about 500 km north of Moscow and 600 km southeast of St. Petersburg. Transport - railway station, airport and several highways. The first reference to Vologda dates from 1147, so he considers contemporary Moscow. In the sixteenth century, Vologda became the main center of commerce and traffic between the north (Russia and Siberia) and west (England and Holland). At the same time, Tsar Ivan the Terrible had the intention to make Vologda the capital of Russia, in fact, the Vologda Kremlin was to be the residence of the czars. But suddenly the Czar changed his mind and chose Moscow. In the eighteenth century, Peter the Great established a base for the Russian Army and Navy in Vologda. However, with the rise of St. Petersburg, Vologda lost commercial importance. Since the second half of the nineteenth century, Vologda became a city for political exiles as I.Stalin, V.Mólotov, M.Ulyánova (sister of Lenin), N.Berdiáyev (famous philosopher), B.Sávinkov (known terrorist) and others. In early 1918, Vologda happened to be the diplomatic capital of Russia for some months. Diplomatic representatives of 11 countries, including the ambassador to the United States of America, David R. Francis went to Vologda as a sign of disagreement of the peace agreement between Russia and Germany and of not recognizing the Soviet Government. Despite repeated requests from this government, foreign diplomatic mission in Vologda remained until July 1918.
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