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Venezuela is a country of remarkable beauty and dramatic contrasts: in the west, the snowy peaks of the Andes in the south, the Amazon jungle Hamedan, in the east, the beauty of the Gran Sabana, with its flat-topped mountains and along the entire Caribbean coast of 2813 km long, 1,700 km of sandy beaches lined with coconut palms and coral. The largest lake in South America, Maracaibo, and the third longest river, the Orinoco, are also found in Venezuela, a country that boasts the world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls. Also, is home to a wide variety of exotic fauna and flora, including include the jaguar, ocelot, tapir, armadillo, anteater, and the longest snake, the anaconda.

In Venezuela you can visit cities like Caracas, Venezuela or Venezuela
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Venezuela, officially called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a country of America, located in the northern part of South America, consisting of a mainland and a large number of small islands and islets in the Caribbean Sea. The mainland is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the north, Colombia to the west, Brazil to the south and Guyana to the east. With the latter, the Venezuelan government maintains a dispute over the Essequibo territory. Due to its island territories, exercising sovereignty over nearly 860,000 km ² of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean under the concept of economic zone exclusiva.8 This sea area bordering the thirteen states.9 Its territory was home to important tribal groups of Native Americans, as the Caribs. It was first sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1498. Soon after began the process of colonization and cultural mixing. Venezuela was the first country in Latin America to proclaim their independence from the Spanish Crown, a process which was consolidated with the Battle of Carabobo and the subsequent naval Battle of Lake Maracaibo in 1823 with the final expulsion of the Spanish troops. After a long chapter of civil conflict, the Republic found its way to modernization of the notoriously authoritarian governments hand. In the mid-twentieth century began the struggle for a democratic system, which took root after the overthrow of Gen. Marcos Perez Jimenez in 1958. Due to the oil boom, Venezuela experienced a period of high economic growth, which was interrupted by the energy crisis of the 1980s, leading to a period of political instability and social alternating with financial ups and downs. Venezuela is now considered an emerging country with an economy based primarily on the extraction and refining of oil and other minerals, and agricultural and industrial activities. Its economy is the 34th in importance, 10 11 and is classified as an upper middle income country by the same organismo.12 He also recognized as one of the 17 mega-diverse countries, with an uneven geography that combines arid regions, forest , the vast savannas of the Llanos and Andean environments. It has all the largest protected areas in Latin America, called Areas Under Special Management Regime, which cover about 63% of the territory nacional.13 Its population exceeds 30 million by 2012.14 is well mixed, integrating indigenous races, European, African and Asian lesser extent, a situation that influences culture and artistic expression.
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