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Tourist and travel guide of Ulan Ude

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In Ulan Ude you can visit places like Opera House, Lenin Head, Odigitria Cathedral or Ulan Ude
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Ulan-Ude (Russian: Улан-Удэ in Buryat: Улаан-Удэ) before Verjneúdinsk (Верхнеудинск) is the capital of the Republic of Buryatia, Russia. City in southern Siberian Russia and port at the confluence of the Uda and Selenga. Your transportation needs are covered by a railway line to Beijing and the Trans-Siberian Railway. The main industries are focused on food processing, leather tanning, sawmilling and the manufacture of glass, brick and railroad equipment. The city, founded in 1666 as the winter home of the Cossacks, grew in importance with the construction of the railway in the late nineteenth century. In 1923 it became the capital of the newly created Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of the Buryats and received its current name in 1934. Located at the foot of mountains and the river Uda divides into two sectors. Its population is around 400,000, making it the third largest city in eastern Siberia. Founded in 1666 by the Cossacks. It grew rapidly to lie between trade routes linking Russia, China and Mongolia.
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Opera House
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Historical Museum
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Buryatiya Literary Museum
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Nature Museum
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Odigitria Cathedral
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Lenin Head
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