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The Turks and Caicos are the Caribbean and are considered British territory overseas. The committee includes the United Nations decolonization Turks and Caicos in the list of Non-Self. Geographic Coordinates: Latitude 21 º 45'Nord and Longitude 71 º 35 'West. Total area 430 km ² divided between some 30 islands (of which 8 are inhabited). Population about 40,000. The weather is sunny and relatively dry, but the archipelago is often affected by hurricanes. The capital is Cockburn Town. The islands were under Jamaican jurisdiction until 1962 when it became a crown colony. Although in 1982 it was agreed that political independence was reversed. The islands have a legislative body of 19 members only 13 of them elected by popular vote. Initiatives have been introduced to include these islands as a new province in Canada to which, among other obstacles, would amend the Canadian Constitution which currently seems unlikely. The economy is based on tourism, fisheries and finance.

In Turks & Caicos you can visit cities like Turks & Caicos or Turks & Caicos
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