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The list of interesting places in Tunisia would do justice to a country twice the size. From the villages of the Stone Age, near the oasis of Kebili to the stage where they filmed part of The Wars (Matmata), its landscapes, lush and moles, have seen more action than all the countries of Africa together. After traveling a few days, anyone would agree to let the imagination in the famous Roman ruins of Carthage and El-Jem is almost as immersed in Virgil's Aeneid and have a drink with Dido, while if one day loitering the beaches of the northern coast wonder what Hannibal looked far from Tunis. Whether the Franco-Arab cultural mix of the capital or the boundless extension of the Sahara, which in Tunisia is impressive. At the end of the day, three thousand years of history convince any visitor.

In Tunisia you can visit cities like Douz, Kairouan, Sousse or Tunisia
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Tunisia, 2 whose official name is Republic of Tunisia, is a country located north of the North African coastline, with its capital Tunis. It is the smallest country in North Africa, located between the eastern foothills of the Atlas mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea. The area of Tunisia is 165,000 km ² with an estimated population of 10.3 million. Approximately 40% of this country is composed of the Sahara desert, while the rest is fertile soil suitable for agriculture also has 1,300 km of coastline. It borders Algeria to the west and Libya to the southeast. The word derives from Tunis Tunisia, known by the ancient Greeks as Tynes, the capital of the modern country of Tunisia. The name Tunis can be attributed to various sources. It can be associated with the Phoenician deity Tanith (aka Tunit) or ens Berber expression meaning "fall." In the native Arabic, the same name is used both for the country to the city: تونس and only the context can one distinguish them.
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