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Tourist and travel guide of Trier

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  • Population: 100649

In Trier you can visit places like Städtisches Museum Simeonstift, Domschatz, Rheinisches Landesmuseum or Trier
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Trier (German: Trier, in French: Treves, see names in other languages) is a city in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, located on the right bank of the Moselle. It is about 9 km from Luxembourg, 35 km from France and 50 km from Belgium. Has 100,000 inhabitants. It is considered the oldest city in Germany, in 1986 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Officially founded in the year 16 a. C. by Augustus under the name of Augusta Treverorum. However, there is a myth that was founded about 1300 years before the creation of Rome Trebeta, son of the Assyrian king Ninus. The earliest traces of human settlement in the area of the city shows evidence of settlements ceramic bands dating back to early Neolithic period. Since the late pre-Christian centuries, members of the Celtic tribe of the Treveri settled in the area of Trier actual.1 The Romans under Julius Caesar subdued the Treveri for the first time at 58-50. C.. No later than 16 a. C., at the foot of Petrisberg, on which he had established a Roman camp in 30 BC. C., and left again a few months later, the Romans founded the city of Augusta Treverorum ("City of Augustus in the land of the Treveri") .2 The honor of receiving the emperor's name was shared only in Augsburg and Augst northern Switzerland. Following the reorganization of the Roman provinces in Germania in the year 16 a. BC, the Emperor Augustus decided that the city should become the capital of the province of Gaul, Belgium.
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