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Tourist and travel guide of Trento

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In Trento you can visit places like Tridentum La Città Sotterranea, Fontana di Nettuno, Castello del Buonconsiglio or Trento
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Trento (Italian: Trento, German: Trient, in Latin: Tridentum) is a town in the Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige (called Südtirol in German). It is the capital of the region and the Autonomous Province of Trento. Internationally known for the Council of Trent. Trent was Austrian territory until the First World War. It is located in the deep valley of the Adige. Since appointing Tridentum in a document dated in 222 BC. The origin of the name is derived from the "trident" three teeth. Historians have not agreed on what are these "teeth" can be either the mountains surrounding the city (or Verouca Doss Trento, St. Agatha and St. Roque) or the three rivers that cross it (three branches of the river Adige .) The Cenomani - Romans from this region were known as tridentinus, making this site known as Tridentum. The Latin tradition, which is the most remembered, indicates that registration is argentum Montes mihi nomenque Tridentum dant (the mountains give me the silver and Tridentum name), made by Fra Bartolomeo da Trento († 1251) and found in the historic center of town. Originally a Celtic city later conquered by the Romans in the year 15. C.. Was added to the Emperor Augustus Papiria and included it in the Xth region of Italy. The crossing major roads that connected the Po Plain to the territories of the other side of the Alps, through the steps of Resia and Brenner. But mostly Trento became famous with the Council of Trent (1545-1563), in which supported the Counter Reformation. The adjective Tridentine literally means pertaining to Trento, but due to the Council of Trent, can also refer to this specific event.
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