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Tourist and travel guide of Trabzon

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  • Population: 244209

In Trabzon you can visit places like Sekiz Direkli Hamamı, Atatürk Villa, Çarşı Camii or Trabzon
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Trabzon or Trebizond (called Trapezus as usual transliteration of the original Greek name; Trabzon in Turkish) is a city of Turkey, located along the Black Sea. It is the capital of the province of Trabzon, one of which is split 81 in Turkey, and is administered by a governor appointed by the central government. Its population amounts to 228,826 inhabitants1 (2007). The city was founded under the name of Τραπεζοῦς (Trapezus), originating by Greek colonists from Miletus or Sinope, according to tradition, in 756 a. C. The baptized Trapezus (table), which could result from the way it was where it was located, and was part of a set of ten colonies in the region of Pontus. Thirteenth century to the fifteenth century was the capital of the Empire of Trebizond. Like most of the Greek colony, the city was a small enclave of Greek life and not an empire in itself, in the later European sense of the word. Rests on the way from Istanbul to Iran and was an important meeting point for international trade. Formed the basis of various empires throughout history, including one with the same name.
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