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Tourist and travel guide of Tokyo

  • Population: 31480498
Tokyo is the capital of Japan, located in east-central Honshu Island, specifically in the Kanto region. Together form one of the 47 prefectures of Japan, although its official name is metropolis or capital. The city is the center of politics, economics, education, communication and popular culture of the country. It also has the largest concentration of corporate headquarters, financial institutions, universities and colleges, museums, theaters and shopping and entertainment facilities throughout Japan. It is subdivided into 23 districts, 26 cities, a district divided into three towns and a village, and four sub-prefectures divided into two towns and seven villages, representing several small islands south of Honshu that extend beyond 1,800 km from Shinjuku , capital of the metropolis and seat of governance. The center of Tokyo, with its 23 districts, covering one third of the metropolis, with a population of about 8,340,000 inhabitants, this area is what is known internationally as the city of Tokyo. Its metropolitan area has 36 million inhabitants (2011), the largest urban agglomeration in the world.

In Tokyo you can visit places like Ueno Zoo, Higashi-Gyōen (Imperial Palace East Garden), Meiji-Jingū Gyōen or Tokyo
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Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the home of its economic strength. It is the hub of Japans economy and one of the most important cities in the world with its economic power surpassing that of such countries as America and the city of New York. As well as its economic power it is also a unique historical city with its Imperial Palace which is the home of the Japanese government. Tokyo has many museums that allow you to explore its vast history and its art and culture is very visible. For sports Tokyo has arenas that house such sports as baseball and sumo giving it a unique diversity as well as flair.
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