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Tokelau (formerly Union Islands, "islands of the Union") is a dependent overseas territory of New Zealand. The archipelago is located north of Samoa and its name means "north wind". It consists of three coral atolls, more than a quarter administered by American Samoa. The total area of ​​islands in the territory of Tokelau is 10.8 km2. The maximum altitude is 5 m above sea level. The United Nations has included in the list of the Tokelau islands could disappear as a result of global warming caused by pollution and the greenhouse effect. Since 31 December 2011, Tokelau is located west of the international exchange of data. This change was deleted on 30 December 2011 in this state, and in the neighboring state Samoa, jumping directly from Thursday to Saturday 29 December 31. The main intention of this measure was to facilitate trade with Australia and New Zealand.

In Tokelau you can visit cities like Tokelau or Tokelau
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