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Tourist and travel guide of Tirana

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In Tirana you can visit places like Et'hem Bey Mosque, St Paul's Catholic Cathedral, National Art Gallery or Tirana
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Tirana (in Albanian: Tiranë or Tirana) is the capital and largest city of Albania. Founded in 1614 by Sulejman Pasha and became Albania's capital in 1920. During late 1980 and early 1990, Tirana was the focus of violent demonstrations that ended with the collapse of communist rule. Tirana (41.33 ° N, 19.82 ° E) is located in the District of Tirana, Tirana Province and the north is surrounded by the mountains of Kamza, east by Mount Dajt (of 1612 m. High), west by hills and Yzberisht Vagarr, and south by the hills of Sauk and Krrabë. Tirana's average altitude is 110 meters above sea level (although the highest point is Mount Mali Gropa I, 1828 meters). Tirana is in Ishëm River Valley, just over 30 kilometers of the coast. There are two rivers running through the city: the Lana and Tirana. The city also includes a total of four lakes: Lake Tirana, the Koder-Kamez, the Farka and Tufina. The highest point of 1828 m measured Tirana. The city lies on the same parallel as Naples, Madrid and Istanbul and on the same meridian as Budapest and Krakow.
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