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Tourist and travel guide of Tijuana

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  • Population: 1376494

In Tijuana you can visit places like Museo de Cera, Mundo Divertido Río, Museo de las Californias or Tijuana
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Tijuana is a city belonging to the Mexican state of Baja California. It is the most populous of the state and is located 170 km west of state capital, Mexicali and about 60 minutes north of Ensenada. The city is head of the municipality of the same name and is known among other epithets as the corner of Mexico or the door of Mexico. Their motto is "Here begins the country" .2 It is the westernmost city in Latin America, although the westernmost town Guadalupe Island, located in the homonymous island. Tijuana is located as the Sixth Country Metropolitan Area but comprising near the town of Rosarito, Tecate and San Diego (California), the metropolitan area "transnational" Mexico's largest, with over 5 million habitantes.3 is said that the name originated from a ranch owned by a "Tia Juana" .4 However, there is in the historical archives of Baja California on record any such property or ranch, some historians do not originate in the city say the name comes from Yuman language, ancient language spoken in the region. The name of the city is credited with various roots as "Tiguana", "Tiuana", "Tegüana", "Tiwana", "Tijuan", "Ticuan", "Tejuino" "Tijuana". Some historians think that the word "Tijuana" and its derivatives mean the sea. Some other historians say the name comes from another place located in the south of the peninsula. Another theory, though little known, is that the first inhabitants called the Cerro Colorado (one of the highest mountains of reddish tint and sunlight) or Ticuan Tijuan, meaning Turtle Leaning, but still not enough evidence it.
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