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Tourist and travel guide of Tepoztlán

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In Tepoztlán you can visit places like Ex-Convento Domínico de la Natividad, Museo Arqueológico Carlos Pellicer, Pirámide de Tepozteco or Tepoztlán
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Tepoztlan is a municipality located in the northern state of Morelos in Mexico, which borders Mexico City. The name Tepoztlan is a word that derives from the Nahuatl language and comes from Tepoztecatl (Nahua deity) and tlan (next to), so that its meaning is "in the company of Tepoztécatl". Some authors think that means "place of the copper ax" or "place of the broken stones", possibly referring to the ax that was part of the attire of the tutelary deity of the place, called Ometochtli-Tepoztecatl. According to Adriano Sanchez Ortega, the command Copper Axe (tepoztli) and Hill (Tlan) is the symbolic connotation syllabic (phonetic glyph) of the Codex Mendoza (the word comes from Tepoztlan contraction of the words tepetl Poztecqui tlan (tepetl, mountain; Poztecqui, sculptor, sculpture, and Tlan, Place)). The phonetic glyph appears in the codices caused confusion (Copper Axe on a hill (and Tlan Tepoz)). The translation we must do is place the following reference Tepoztecatl and say the Lord's Place Mountain Sculptor or Carver Place of Mountains (Tepoztecatl, in his book Tepoztlan Tepoztecatl: In Itlaquetzalis mutlatos, 2008). Glyph of Tepoztlan represents the image of a hill with a copper ax at the top. The oldest graphic testimony of this glyph, is in one of the sheets of the Codex Mendoza, which shows that along with other peoples of the region, Tepoztlan paid tribute to the Aztec empire.
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