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Tourist and travel guide of Teotihuacán

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In Teotihuacán you can visit places like Palacio de Tepantitla, Jardín Escultórica, Palacio de Quetzalpapálotl or Teotihuacán
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Teotihuacan (Nahuatl, Teotihuacan, "Place where the gods were made, City of the Gods")? 1 is the name given to what was one of the largest cities in Mesoamerica during the pre-Hispanic times. The name is of Nahuatl origin and was used by the Aztecs, but they know the name they gave their inhabitants. The remains of the city are northeast of the Valley of Mexico, in the city of Teotihuacan (Mexico State), about 45 kilometers away from downtown Mexico City. The area of archaeological monuments was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. The origins of Teotihuacan are still under investigation among specialists. Around the beginning of our era, Teotihuacan was a village that took on importance as a center of worship in the basin of Anahuac. The first major buildings are from that time, as shown by the excavations at the Pyramid of the Moon. The height of the city took place during the Classic Period (ss. III-VII d. C.). At this stage, the city was an important political and commercial node which once had an area of almost 21 km2 with a population of 100 thousand to 200 thousand inhabitants. Teotihuacan's influence was felt by all walks of Mesoamerica, as shown by the discoveries in cities like Tikal and Monte Alban, among other places that had a significant relationship with Teotihuacan. The decline of the city occurred in the seventh century, in a context marked by political instability, internal rebellions and climate changes that caused a collapse in northern Mesoamerica. Most of the city population was dispersed in various locations in the Basin of Mexico. It is unknown what the ethnic identity of the first inhabitants of Teotihuacan. Among the candidates are the Totonac, and Nahua-speaking peoples otomangueana, particularly the Otomi. The most recent hypothesis suggests that Teotihuacan was a flourishing cosmopolitan city in which were involved diverse ethnic groups, as shown by the findings in the Zapotec district of the city and the presence of objects from other regions of Mesoamerica, especially the Gulf region and the Maya area.
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