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Tourist and travel guide of Taxco

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Taxco is the county seat of Taxco de Alarcón (Nahuatl: tlachtli, co, "play ball, place '' place where they play ball or place the ball game")?, A colonial city located in the Mexican state of Guerrero. One of the most important tourist centers of the state2 and for its architectural beauty is considered by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico and City Light.Taxco is the oldest mining center of the continent, why is known for its silver mines, which existed since colonial times. Its traditional working of silver is recognized worldwide. This, however, mining in Taxco is no longer a profitable business. In September 2007, Minera Mexico, a subsidiary of Grupo Mexico, said through a statement on decommissioning of the Taxco mining unit, saying the depletion of available reserves. Since 1800, the population began to extract silver Taxco, which is not much left by the melting of the mine and a lot of loose oil extraction of silver. [Citation needed] in the city of Taxco still retains much of its colonial style, as well as the Church of Santa Prisca, a church of more than 250 years old, built in Baroque New Spain.Its main attraction is the majestic Santa Prisca Parish, Spanish Baroque style and was built in the eighteenth century commissioned by Don Jose de la Borda wealthy Spanish mining, this has in its interior with beautiful golden altarpieces and paintings by Don Miguel Cabrera.The Christ Panoramic, breathtaking image of Christ the Redeemer which is at the top of Cerro del Atache, you can access this by urban transport or for the more adventurous can walk up from anywhere in the city and explore its winding streets and steep slate quarry, as a reward at the end will have a beautiful view of the city.Cacahuamilpa Caves, located 30 miles from Taxco, on Federal Highway that leads to Toluca, Mex. Here you can see magnificent caverns with impressive formations that nature has carved travez of thousands of years and who have brought fame to this place, besides that on several occasions has hosted several concerts of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Acapulco as well as several known artists.William Spratling Museum, behind the Church of Santa Prisca, one can visit this museum featuring pre-Hispanic pieces and silverware created by William Spratling.Colonial Art Museum, located in the city center, just one block from the Zocalo, in the is a permanent exhibition of colonial art in the great majority of a religious, as well as regular exhibitions of various kinds.Ex-convent of San Bernardino of Siena.Ex-Hacienda del Chorrillo, was owned by the son of Hernan Cortes. Currently home to two of the UNAM campus: the Center for Foreign Students and the National School of Plastic Arts.Church of Guadalupe. It is one of the highest parts of the city, you can see a great view of the city.Holy Week celebrations, a week of demonstrations of a religious nature, including its mystical processions through the main streets of the city, where the various Brotherhoods participating penitents flagellate themselves during the course of these and that is why of admiration and awe for locals and visitors.Tianguis Silver Sabatino, weekly number of craftsmen silversmiths temporary set up stalls in various streets of the city and special facilities, including those near the bus terminal. They offer various products such as earrings, chains, anklets, necklaces, rings, etc..Cable Car, with a spectacular and exciting journey, one of the main attractions of the city.Huixteco Hill, beautiful natural park each year occurs in a celebration called jumil day, come together in this most taxqueñas families to enjoy nature, where the smoke of bonfires and laborers is common and indicates which is enjoying a delicious meal made from roasted meats, handmade tortillas and a delicious sauce jumil, which is collected there.The waterfall, located in the community of Tenango, about 20 minutes from the city, she can see a spectacular waterfall ..Taxco el Viejo. It features former estates.San Juan. On the road connecting this town with Taxco el Viejo, find several former estates that were owned by the Spanish.Ixcateopan. People paved with marble and rich mining of this. Cradle of the last Aztec emperor Cuauhtemoc. There are ruins of prehispanic constructions. It is less than 1 hour away by car.

In Taxco you can visit places like Parroquia de Santa Prisca, Museo Guillermo Spratling, Museo de Arte Virreinal or Taxco
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