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Taiwan (台湾 in Chinese), traditionally known as the Portuguese Formosa, is an island off the coast of China, which is separated by the Straits of Taiwan. To the north lies the East China Sea, and southern South China Sea, while the eastern coast of the island is washed by the Pacific Ocean. It has an area of ​​35,801 square kilometers and a population of around 23 million people. The main city is Taipei. In the seventeenth century, following the fall of the Ming Dynasty, on the island they created the kingdom of Tungning (1661-1683), led by Koxinga, in order to get rid of the new dynasty, the Qing, and restore the power of the Ming. In 1895, following the signing of the Treaty of Shimonoseki, which ended the first Sino-Japanese war, China ceded Taiwan to Japan. A group of Chinese officials tried to avoid this by creating the Republic of Formosa. Since 1949 the island is under the political regime of the Republic of China, which was ruled all of China until the end of the Chinese civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China when the latter seized control of the mainland and proclaimed the People's Republic of China.

In Taiwan you can visit cities like Kaohsiung City, Meinong, Rueili (Juili) or Taiwan
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