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Switzerland conjures up a good cluster of topics: irresistible chocolates, watches, reloaded, and Yodle Heidis (singing traditional Tyrolean), bankers lack a sense of humor, international bureaucracies and an orderly national personality, meticulous and rather bland. But Harry Lime was wrong on more than one way when, in The Third Man, said that five hundred years of Swiss democracy and peace had produced nothing but the cuckoo clock. To begin, it was the Germans who invented this instrument. Second, the Swiss, really smart, have won more Nobel Prizes and registered more patents per capita than any other nation on Earth. The muesli, the insecticide DDT and life insurance may not feed the legend, but where would the rest of us without a bit of Swiss common sense behind us? Switzerland may be neutral but certainly not a dull country. The fusion of ingredients from Germany, France and Italy has formed a robust national culture. In addition, alpine landscapes have enough attractions to invigorate the traveler tired. Switzerland Goethe succinctly characterized as a combination of "monumentality and perfect order." The untamed majesty of the Alps and the neat and orderly precision of Swiss towns prevent Helvetic be as unidimensional as many scholars claim.

In Switzerland you can visit cities like Basel, Bern, Geneva or Zermatt
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Switzerland (in German: die Schweiz, note 2 in French: Suisse, Italian: Svizzera, in Romansh: Svizra), officially known as the Swiss Confederation (Confoederatio Helvetica in Latin, hence its ISO codes CH and CHE are) and sometimes cited as Confederation Helvetica, is a landlocked country located in Central Europe and has a population of 7,725,200 inhabitants (2009) 7 Switzerland is a federal republic of 26 states called cantons. Bern is the seat of the federal authorities, while the country's financial centers are located in the cities of Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Lugano.8 Switzerland is one of the world's richest countries by GDP per capita (seventh place worldwide), amounting to $ 67,384 estadounidenses.5 50% of its gross domestic product (GDP) comes from financial business, in fact it is estimated that Switzerland is placed one third of wealth in private hands worldwide. 9 Switzerland Germany bordered to the north, the west by France, Italy to the south and east by Austria and Liechtenstein. Diplomatically is characterized by its neutral foreign policy, without having actively participated in any international conflict since 1815, and is home to several international organizations including the Red Cross, the World Trade Organization and one of the two UN offices in Europe, and also hosts the FIFA, football's governing body worldwide, and UEFA, European football's highest body. Switzerland is not member of the European Union but since 2005 is part of the Schengen area, is a multilingual nation and has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. The creation date of Switzerland as a nation was set August 1, 1291 according to tradition, each year there is held the same day a national holiday. Currently, Switzerland is perceived as one of the world's most developed countries. For its policy of neutrality, the country hosts many immigrants from countries from different continents, so it is considered one of the European countries with greater cultural diversity. Finally, it is recognized internationally for its mountain tourism and for its watches, chocolates, knives, banks, trains and quesos.10
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