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Tourist and travel guide of Stuttgart

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  • Population: 591688

In Stuttgart you can visit places like Instrumenten Museum, Porsche Museum, Aussichtsplatform or Stuttgart
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Stuttgart is the capital of the German Baden-Württemberg. With 600,038 inhabitants, 1 Stuttgart is the largest city in Baden-Württemberg and the sixth of Germany. In Stuttgart find your Bundesland parliament and government concerned and other political authorities and the federal administration. The most important German cities and near Stuttgart are: Frankfurt (240 km to the northwest), Munich (about 220 km southeast of Stuttgart) and Karlsruhe (80 km northwest). Stuttgart has the status of city-district, unified by a president. It also has the evangelical bishop and a Catholic bishop Württemberg (Bistum Rottenburg-Stuttgart). The city has two universities, technical schools and is home to several research institutes such as the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Fraunhofer and the Max Planck. Stuttgart is the gateway to the Black Forest and the Swabian Alb. Surrounded by hills, forests and vineyards that reach the center. The port is located northeast of the city on the Neckar River.
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