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Tourist and travel guide of Stromboli

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In Stromboli you can visit places like Stromboli crater, Sciara del Fuoco or Stromboli
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Stromboli (Italian: Stromboli) is a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, which houses one of the volcanoes in Italy. It is one of the Aeolian Islands, a volcanic archipelago north of Sicily. This name is a corruption of the ancient Greek name Στρογγυλή (Stroŋgulḗ) that was given by its round shape and domed. The year 2000 was placed near the rest of the archipelago in the list of World Heritage in UNESCO.1 The Stromboli volcano rises 924 m above sea level [1], but actually has an altitude of 2,000 m above ocean floor. There are three active craters at the summit. A significant geological feature of the volcano is the Sciara del Fuoco ("River of Fire"), a large horseshoe-shaped depression generated in the last 13,000 years by several collapses on the northwest side of the cone. For it down to the sea of lava blocks and fire after each explosion. From the summit of this volcano can be seen in direct incandescent magma. The climb up the volcanic cone of Stromboli, is done in the afternoon, to reach the eruptive mouths (200 m below the top) in the evening. The journey of about six hours, not a Sunday stroll, especially in the last section where the fine volcanic slag makes it back two steps for every one that advanced. However, flashing bursts with the volcano welcomes visitors outweigh any effort. The climb ends at 364 m above sea level. the crater, a huge funnel that ejects consistent fumaroles and sulfur vapors emanating from 100 to 200 ° C.
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