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Tourist and travel guide of Staraya Russa

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  • Population: 34303

In Staraya Russa you can visit places like Local Lore Museum, Kartinnaya Gallery, Museum of the Northwest Front or Staraya Russa
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Staraya Russian (Russian: Старая Русса) is a city of Novgorod Oblast, Russia, administrative center of the raion namesake. Situated on the River Polist, 99 km south of Novgorod, 250 km south of St. Petersburg. Its population reached 32,235 inhabitants in 2010. Russian Staraya was probably founded around the middle of the tenth century, but first appears in the chronicles of the year 1076. What then is one of the three main cities of the republic of Novgorod, Pskov and Staraya together with Ladoga. Its name dates from the time of the Varangians, who called themselves Rus'. Russian Staraya controlled one of the major trade routes that connected Polotsk, Novgorod and Kiev. The Russian buildings were of wood and burned completely in 1190 and 1194. In 1478, Russian was incorporated into Muscovy while Novgorod. The word Staraya ("old") was added in the fifteenth century to distinguish it from new localities called Russian.
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Dostoevsky House
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Local Lore Museum
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Museum of the Northwest Front
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Kartinnaya Gallery
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