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Tourist and travel guide of St Augustine

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In St Augustine you can visit places like St Augustine Beach, Anastasia State Recreation Area, Potter's Wax Museum or St Augustine
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Augustine or St. Augustine (Aurelius Augustinus in Latin Hipponensis; Tagaste, November 13, 354 - Hippo Regius, August 28, 430) is coupled with Stridon Jerome, Gregory the Great, Ambrose of Milan, one of the four most important of the Latin Church Fathers. Born on 13 November 354 in Tagaste, small town of Numidia in Roman Africa. Her father, Patrick, was a pagan smallholder when his son was born. His mother, Saint Monica, is set by the Church as an example of "Christian woman" of piety and goodness tested, devoted mother and always concerned for the welfare of his family, even under the most adverse circumstances. Monica taught his son the basics of the Christian religion and to see how the young Augustine was separated from the path of Christianity gave constant prayer in the midst of great suffering. Years later Augustine called himself "the son of the tears of his mother" a St. Augustine was gifted with great imagination and an extraordinary intelligence. He excelled in the study of letters. He showed great interest in literature, especially the classical Greek and possessed great eloquence. His early successes were as a stage Madaura and Carthage, where he specialized in grammar and rhetoric. During his student years at Carthage developed an irresistible attraction to the theater. At the same time, greatly enjoyed receiving praise and fame, he found easily in those early years of his youth. Right there in Carthage was noted for his rhetorical genius and excelled in poetry contests and public events. Although he indulged blindly by human passions and worldly, and was openly sensuous impulses of his spirit, not abandoned his studies, especially philosophy. Augustine himself makes a very hard and bitter criticism of this stage of his youth in his Confessions.
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