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Despite being a small island, Sri Lanka has many nicknames: Serendib, Ceylon, Teardrop of India, Resplendent Isle, Island of Dharma, Pearl of the Orient. This colorful collection reveals its richness and beauty as well as the intensity of affection that has arisen in its visitors. For centuries, seduced travelers, who returned home with enchanting images of a languid tropical island, a deep spirituality and serenity as he entered the Western imagination as the Tahiti of the East. Unfortunately, this is the same island for more than a decade, has been plagued by a vicious ethnic and religious conflict. The contest has taken a toll on the exoticism more persistent and the name of Sri Lanka has been burned into the minds of Western and Northern Ireland in the Indian Ocean.

In Sri Lanka you can visit cities like Anuradhapura, Colombo, Galle or Sri Lanka
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The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (Sinhalese: ශ්රී ලංකා ප්රජාතාන්ත්රික සමාජවාදී ජනරජය, Sri Lanka Prajathanthrika Samajavadi Janarajaya, Tamil: இலங்கை சனநாயக சோஷலிசக் குடியரசு, Ilaṅkai caṉanāyaka cōṣalisak Kuṭiyarasu) is an island nation located southeast of India in Asia. Until 1972 it was called Ceylon. Originally known as Heladiva, is inhabited by more than twenty million people. The island was known in ancient times as Lanka, Lankadvīpa, Simoundou, Taprobane, Serendib and Selan, becoming popularly known as the "Island of a thousand names." During colonization, the island took its name, in English, of Ceylon, which continued to be used later. Its unique shape and its proximity to India made to call it the "Teardrop of India". Due to its location in the path of major sea routes, Sri Lanka is a strategic naval link between West Asia and Southeast Asia, and has been a center of Buddhist religion and culture of antiquity. Today is a multireligious and multiethnic country, where almost one third of the population is follower of religions other than Buddhism, notably Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. The majority Sinhalese community. The Tamils, who are concentrated in the north and east of the island, constitute the largest ethnic minority. Other communities include the Muslim Arabs, Malays and Burghers.
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