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Tourist and travel guide of Southwest

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In Southwest you can visit places like or Southwest
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The cardinal points are the four directions derived from terrestrial rotation form a Cartesian reference system to represent the orientation on a map or at the surface. These cardinal points are: the East, which is signaled by the approximate place where the sun rises each day, the West, the point indicated by the setting of the sun in its apparent motion and if the east-west axis we consider it the abscissa in a geographic coordinate system, the axis of the coordinates would be described by North-South line. This composition generates four ninety degree angles which in turn are divided by the bisectors, generating Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast. Repeat the same operation and you get the compass rose is used in navigation from ancient centuries The word cardinal comes from the Latin name "thistle", which identified, in Roman cities, the streets laid out from east to west and passing through the center of the city. This means that the only truly pivotal point, at least from the etymological point of view, should be the North and to a lesser extent the South. So using the expression "of cardinal importance" when you want to highlight that importance. Of the cardinal points, is the North that identifies the direction of orientation so they say figuratively that a person has lost its when you are disoriented or has lost its way. However, this idea is almost paradoxically, in the sense that for guiding. Are also known as the four cardinal directions or compass points of the main, they are:
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