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Tourist and travel guide of Sitka

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  • Population: 8931

In Sitka you can visit places like Sheldon Jackson Museum, Alaska Pioneers Home, Chichagof Island's Western Shoreline or Sitka
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Sitka is the name of a town and district in the state of Alaska in the U.S.. The district has an area of 12,461.8 km ² (of which 5,018.2 km ² are covered with water), a population of 8,835 inhabitants and a population density of 0.5 inhabitants / km ² (data from U.S. Census 2000). The city was founded in 1799, and is the largest U.S. sub-subdivision The name Sitka (derived from Shiit'ká, contraction of the Tlingit name Shii At'iká) means "People from outside Shii". X'áat'l Shiit'-kd (or often simply Shii) is the Tlingit name for Baranof Island. Sometimes the city is also known as "Sitka-by-the-Sea" (Sitka sea). In the novel "The Yiddish Police Union" by Michael Chabon, Sitka is the place where the events occur and in the movie "The Proposal" (2009), starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.
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Most Desired Destinations

Chichagof Island's Western Shoreline
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Totem Square
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Sheldon Jackson Museum
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Russian Bishop's House
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Katlian Bay
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Sheldon Jackson College
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Visitor Center
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Castle Hill
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Whale Park
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St Michael's Cathedral
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