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Tourist and travel guide of Sinai

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In Sinai you can visit places like Hammam Musa, Pharaoh’s Island or Sinai
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The Sinai Peninsula or just the Sinai (Arabic شبه جزيرة سيناء, Sina Yazirat Shibh, in Hebrew, חצי האי סיני) is a peninsula in the shape of inverted triangle situated in the Asia-Middle East. Politically it belongs to Egypt, bordered on the north by the Mediterranean Sea, the west by the Isthmus of Suez (which links to Africa and along which the Suez Canal), east, to the border with Israel (which separates the Negev desert), northeast to the Gaza Strip and south by the Red Sea. Its southern vertex is introduced in that Tues defining two gulfs therein, to the west the Gulf of Suez, and east the Gulf of Eilat and Aqaba. Administratively the peninsula is divided into five zones, the governorates of Suez, Port Said, Ismailia, North Sinai (North Sinai) and South Sinai (Yanub Sina '). Its area is 58,842 km ² and its population is approximately 65,000 in Yanub Sina 'and 314,000 in North Sinai, Port Said alone has half a million inhabitants. Most of the population are Bedouins, although there are some villages, the most important being the capital El-Arish, located on the Mediterranean coast, Taba, south, near Eilat and therefore near the border with Israel , and Sharm el-Sheikh, a major resort on the Red Sea coast. Shows two distinct parts on the peninsula: the sandy desert in the north and the steep rugged mountains in the south, with peaks exceeding 2,000 meters on the Red Sea. Highlights include the Jebel Katarina, the highest mountain in the Sinai with 2,642 m, along with Mount Sinai (2,285 m), the mountain where, according to the Old Testament, Moses received the Tablets of the Law with the Ten Commandments. At his feet lies the Monastery of Santa Catalina.
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