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Tourist and travel guide of Siguatepeque

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In Siguatepeque you can visit places like or Siguatepeque
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Siguatepeque Nahautl cihualtepec comes from the word "cihuatl" (female) + "tepec" (hill) which means "the hill of women." The current site was inhabited by indigenous Siguatepeque the Lenca ethnic group, living in thatched houses on the banks of rivers and streams. This group of people have been found some tools like grinding stones, pottery, vases, pots, ornaments room objects, images of deities in different shapes and sizes. On December 7, 1537, the advance Alonso de Cáceres toured the village with their Spanish hosts, finding Indians inhabiting the foothills and plains surrounding the hill Calanterique and also on the banks of streams: Guique and Guaratoro. According to Father Vallejo is believed Siguatepeque was initially founded by Lenca Indian origin, for the year 1689. By the year 1788, Siguatepeque parish was part of a six fraternities and had the following villages: Jaitique, Meambar and Taulabé. There are two registers of the parish of Ecclesiastical File Siguatepeque in Comayagua, dated 1796.
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