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Tourist and travel guide of Siena

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In Siena you can visit places like Palazzo Comunale, Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi, Casa di Santa Caterina or Siena
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Siena is a city of the Italian region of Tuscany (Italy), capital of the province. According to ancient legend, Siena was founded by Senio Asquio and sons of Remus (brother of Romulus, mythical founder of Rome) on the three hills that currently occupies. It is true that in the imperial period Rome was underling the name of Sena Julia. The Roman origin is related with the emblem of the city, the wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus. Statues and other artwork depicting a she-wolf nursing the twins Romulus and Remus can be seen all over the city of Siena. Other etymologies make its name derives from the Etruscan name "Saina", the Roman name of Saenii, or the Latin word senex ("old") or derivative form seneo, "being old." In fact, Siena, like other cities on hills of Tuscany, was first an Etruscan settlement (c. 900 a. C. to 400 BC.), When it was inhabited by a tribe called the Saina. The Etruscans were an advanced people who changed the face of central Italy through their use of irrigation to conquer lands that were previously not arable, and his practice of erecting strong cities on hills easily defended. Then, at the time of Emperor Augustus, became a Roman colony (Sena Iulia). The first document mentioning it dates back 70. Some archaeologists say it was for a time controlled by a Gallic tribe called the Senones.
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