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Tourist and travel guide of Siberia

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In Siberia you can visit places like Taltsy, Dauria Biosphere Reserve, Railway Locomotive Museum or Siberia
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Siberia (Russian: Сибирь, tr.: Sibir), Asiatic Russia, eastern Russia, Eastern Russia, or even North Asia, North Asia or Northern Asia is the Asian part of eastern Russia, a region extending from the Urals in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east, and bordered on the north by the Arctic Ocean and south Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. It does not represent any political-administrative division, and which consists of several districts of the Russian Federation. Siberia accounts for approximately 76% of the territory of Russia, with a very low population density. Some sources say that its name comes from Turkish "sleeping land." Another version says that this name was the tribal name of Sibirs while Novosibirsk, Eurasian nomads, later assimilated to Siberian Tatars. Pamela Kyle Crossley Dr., Professor of History at Dartmouth College, says that the Russians called the Siberia region of the Sibe / Xibe. The modern meaning of the name appeared in the Russian language after the conquest of Siberia Khanate.
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Most Desired Destinations

Railway Locomotive Museum
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Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam
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Maral Deer Farm
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Dauria Biosphere Reserve
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