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What remains of the former Yugoslavia is the state of Serbia and Montenegro, a nation that have barely learned to walk and has witnessed the assassination of prime minister and must wait for one of its members, Montenegro, decide whether to continue part of this new corporation. The only certainty of their fragile existence is that Serbia and Montenegro is to achieve rapid reform, leaving behind their old ties with despotic leaders, social failures, and wars. Witnessing this transition and rediscovering a region of beauty, culture and history will reward forgotten even the most seasoned of travelers.

In Serbia you can visit cities like Belgrade, Novi Sad, Serbia or Serbia
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The Republic of Serbia (in Serbian: Republika Srbija Република Србија or), listen (· i), is a sovereign country, become social and democratic state of law and whose form of government is a parliamentary republic. Located on the Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe, according to its constitution borders Hungary to the north with Romania and Bulgaria to the east, Macedonia and Albania to the south, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro to oeste.n. 1 2 Your capital and largest city is Belgrade. Serbia formed a medieval kingdom evolved into an empire that reached its apex in the fourteenth century. In the sixteenth century Serbian territory was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, which belonged to the nineteenth century, when Serbia regained its independence and expanded its territory. After the end of World War I Serbia formed together with other Balkan territories Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After World War II became part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which ended disintegrating after a series of wars in the 1990s. Finally, Serbia once again became an independent state in 2006 following the dissolution of the union of Serbia Montenegro. On February 17, 2008 the interim parliament of Kosovo, Serbian southern province of ethnic Albanian majority declared independence from Serbia unilaterally. Such independence is not recognized by the Serbian government, which considers Kosovo an autonomous province officially called self-autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija, under United Nations administration.
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