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Tourist and travel guide of Selinunte

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In Selinunte you can visit places like Eastern Temples, Acropolis, Ancient City or Selinunte
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Selinunte (Selinus, Greek (Σελινοῦς) in Torre dei Pulci; Silinunti in Sicilian) is an ancient Greek city in the south of Sicily in the province of Trapani, on the southwest coast at the mouth of the river Selinunte, about 6 km west of Hipsas. Selinunte is the name the Romans gave to the ancient Greek Selinus. According to the Athenian historian Thucydides, Selinunte was founded under the direction of Pammilos, by colonists from Megara Hyblaea, a city on the eastern coast of Sicily, in the seventh century. C., about a hundred years after the founding of the mother city. The city had a short life (200 years). The date is set to the 628 to. C., but Diodorus places it into the 650 a. C. and Jerome of Cardia to the 654 a. C. The first is the most likely date. Its name derives from a plant endemic to the area, the Selinon (σελινον) or celery, 1 set out in the currencies of the ciudad.2 By then it was the westernmost settlement. During this time, the population grew to 25,000. It was a rich commercial center of the Magna Grecia, so it was coveted by the Carthaginians.
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