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Wrapped in a landscape as wild and untamed as beautiful, as well as living under adverse climatic conditions usually the Scots externalize an inherent animated character and a very strong national identity, besides being known worldwide for his stubbornness and loyalty. They have survived invasions and bloody winter, and always with England, often reluctantly. Scotland has managed to preserve its forests and waterways. His lambs, calves, deer, trout and salmon are highly prized, and its abundant land game birds such as the Scottish ptarmigan and pheasant. Note that in Scotland there is one of the best whiskeys in the world.

In Scotland you can visit cities like Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire & Moray, Aberfoyle & Around or Westray
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Scotland (in English, Scotland, in Scottish Gaelic, Alba Scottish language, Scotland) is the northernmost of the four constituent nations of the UK. Along with England and Wales, is part of the island of Great Britain, covering one third of its total area; further comprises over 790 islands. Bounded on the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean on the east by the North Sea, south to southwest England and the North Channel and Irish Sea. The territory covers 78,772 km2 Scotland, and its population is estimated at 5,116,900 inhabitants, which gives a population density of 65 inhabitants per km2. The capital is Edinburgh, with Glasgow's largest city and metropolitan area which concentrates 40% of the total Scottish population. Scotland takes its name from "Scotus," the Latin word "Irish" (the plural form is "Scoti", "Irish") .1 This refers to the Gaelic settlers from Ireland, that the Romans initially called "Scotia" (feminine form of "Scotus") .2 the current Irish colonized Scotland were known as "Scoti". The Romans of the late Middle Ages utilitzaban the name "Caledonia" to refer to the current Escocia.3 The Kingdom of Scotland was an independent state until 1707, when they signed the Act of Union with England, to create the Kingdom of Britain. The union did not involve alteration of the legal system of Scotland itself, which has since been distinct from Wales, England and Northern Ireland, so it is considered in international law as a separate legal entity. The survival of laws themselves, and a distinct religious education system and are part of Scottish culture and its development over the centuries.
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