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Tourist and travel guide of Saratov

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  • Population: 863734

In Saratov you can visit places like Gagarin Museum, Trinity Cathedral, Radishchev Museum or Saratov
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Saratov (Russian: Саратов) is a major Russian city located about 858 km southeast of Moscow, on the right side of the river Volga. It is the administrative center of Saratov Oblast, with an important port. It has a population of 873,055 inhabitants (census 2002). Also ethnic Russian population, the city has Tatars, Ukrainians and German residents. There are several theories about the founding of the city. According to legend, Saratov is located in the place where the legendary Scythian city Gelonus or northernmost Greek colony. Gelonus mentioned in the sixth book of the Histories of Herodotus: according to him, in 512 BC the city was burned by Darius I of Persia. Other sources claim that the city was Ukek Saratov before.
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Radishchev Museum
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Trinity Cathedral
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Gagarin Museum
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