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Tourist and travel guide of San Francisco

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San Francisco is seen as one of the most liberal and iconic cities in America. With its iconic landmarks like the Alcatraz Prison and the Golden Gate Bridge it’s also famous for its hillside road network that have become iconic in movies for its uniqueness. Seen as the eighteenth top producing cities in the world it is one of the most important economic hubs in America and globally. It also has an interesting history with its earthquakes but shows resilience in its nature bringing itself back from destruction to the city it is today. A city of beauty it stands out as one of the most popular in America.

In San Francisco you can visit places like Mission Dolores Park, Gallery Paule Anglim, Camera Obscura or San Francisco
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The City and County of San Francisco (in inglés: City and County of San Francisco) is the fourth most populous city of the state of California and the 12. Nd UNITED STATES, with an estimated population of 808,976 in 2008 is the habitantes.6 only consolidated city-county of California, and to embrace a land area of ​​121 square kilometers boasts the second most highly densidad of population between the cities of the country to overcome them 200,000, behind New York.7 is the cultural center of business and transport of the Bay Area of San Francisco, a metropolitan agglomerations with more than seven million of habitantes.8 9 is located at the northern end of the peninsula of San Francisco, with the Pacific ocean to the west, the east bay and the same name north entrance of the bay, so that alone is connected by its extreme southern tierra Firme. In 1776, Spaniards establecieron a box in the Golden Gate and a Mission Named in honor of Francisco Asís.10 In 1848, the gold fever of California promotes the city in a period: Fast Growth, passing from 1,000 to 25,000 inhabitants in a year, 11 that it became the largest city in the west Coast at that time. After having been devastated by the earthquake and incendiary 1906.12 San Francisco was quickly rebuilt, siendo headquarters of the Panama International Exposition nine years later and the Pacific tarde.13 During the Second World War the city was the port of boarding of thousands of Soldiers who partían into War Pacífico.14 After the contienda, the confluence of the military returning, the massive Immigration, the liberal attitude and other factors in place they gave the so-called Summer of Love and movimientos them in favor of rights of them homosexuals, 15 consolidando Bastion San Francisco as a liberal in the Member States.
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