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Tourist and travel guide of Samarinda

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  • Population: 355223

In Samarinda you can visit places like Pasar Pagi, Sarong Weaving, Citra Niaga or Samarinda
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Samarinda is the capital of the province of East Kalimantan on the Indonesian island of Borneo, 50 km from the mouth of the Mahakam river in the sea. The city itself has about 335,000 inhabitants. The local government goes over a large area of 718 square kilometers, which includes many villages, and a total of approximately 580,000 inhabitants. The place was founded in 1730 as a trading post. The, in some places at high tide km-wide river is the main trade route with the interior and is also available in Samarinda seaworthy ships to be achieved. Along the river is where the timber industry from the interior of plywood is cut or processed. There is also a lively movement of all kinds of vessels. Through the road can it be particularly places in the vicinity of Samarinda achieve. In addition, the city has a small airport, mainly used for flights to the interior.
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