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Tourist and travel guide of Roatán

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In Roatán you can visit places like Roatán Marine Park, West Bay Beach, Carambola Botanical Gardens or Roatán
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The island of Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands one of the eighteen departments of the Republic of Honduras. In general the Bay Islands refer to Roatan, Utila, Guanaja, and numerous islets and cays, which were inhabited by the Maya in principle, then by the Paya, in the sixteenth century Spanish conquistadors arrived who brought African slaves as part crew. Later in the seventeenth century the island was invaded by the British, the March 2, 1782 the Spanish recovered Roatan and destroyed 500 homes to 1788 many Englishmen left Roatan in 1796 again took possession of the islands and between 1827 and 1834 English began to return to Roatan, who governed until April 21, 1861, when the government of Honduras and the UK government signed a treaty to return the Bay Islands to Honduras because they're in waters territoriales.1 the English settlers brought the black Caribs (Garifuna) of the island of St. Vincent in 1770, the white islanders arrived in Grand Cayman and European countries like Ireland, Denmark, Italy and other countries. The language in the Bay Islands were once occupied by the United Kingdom was English but after returning to Honduras, the only official language again became Spanish. For the Islanders advanced age is difficult to learn the new language. The new generation of islanders are mostly bilingual. Today in Roatan speak mainly English and Spanish (unlike the mainland populations in Honduras, where Spanish is the only language). People over 80 speak English and understand Spanish, however the 60 years or less speak both languages because the instruction was in Spanish in primary schools since 1861, yet many families speak only English and receive private education in English.
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