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Best known in the Metropole (ie France) that beyond the borders galas, Reunion offers spectacular natural wonders. The lack of famous beaches will likely influence the lack of mass tourism, but all that is missing from the island at sea level is more than offset by the impressive mountain region. Its imposing mountains and canyons offer a wealth of opportunities for hikers. The lover of Nepal or New Zealand worship meeting, which has similar possibilities for trekking and hiking, but with a tropical hue. Also, you can live large, and that its inhabitants enjoy most of the luxuries from France. This, unfortunately, is reflected in prices as high as the tops of mountains.Eye! Meeting anyone traveling with little money risks being repatriated miserable.

In Réunion you can visit cities like Réunion, St Denis, St Pierre or St Pierre
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La Réunion is an overseas department of France located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar, and formed as an outermost region of the Union Europea.1 Like the other overseas departments, is also a region of France and is part of the Republic. The Arabs came to the meeting sometime in the tenth century, and initially called it Al Maghribain ("The nearest of the two islands of the West"). A Chola fleet landed on the island during the eleventh century and called Theemai Theevu ("Island of destruction"), because of its volcanoes, which is the name that appears in the inscription of Tanjore to 1050. He later received the Arabic name of Dina Morgabin ("Western Island"). [Citation needed] When the Portuguese arrived in 1513, they found it uninhabited and named it "Santa Apolonia". In 1638 it was occupied by France, happening to be administered from Port Louis in Mauritius. The island was officially claimed for France until 1642, and by decree of King Louis XIII was renamed Île Bourbon (Bourbon Island), with the name of the royal dynasty. That same year were deported to the island twelve French mutineers from Madagascar. Convicts returned to France several years later, and colonization would not begin until 1665 when the French Company of the West Indies sent the first twenty settlers.
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