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Tourist and travel guide of Rabat

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In Rabat you can visit places like Grotto of St Paul, St Paul’s Catacombs, Flea Market or Rabat
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Rabat (Arabic: الرباط, transliterated as Ar-Ribat) is the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco and Rabat-Salé region Zemmour Zaer. The city is located on the Atlantic coast, on the south bank and at the mouth of the river Bou Regreg, which separates it from the nearby city of Salé. According to the 2004 census had a population of 1,622,860 inhabitants, which makes it the second most populous country after Casablanca.1 3 These two cities along with Témara make a population of 2 million. Its mayor in 2009 is Fathallah Oualalou, the USFP, elected on June 23, 2009 thanks to an unusual alliance with the Islamists of the PJD, the liberals of the Istiqlal, PPS communists and centrists of the NIR. Rabat's history began with a settlement known as Chellah on the banks of Bu Regreg, 4 in the third century. C. In 40 d. BC, the Romans took over Chellah and converted it into the Roman settlement of Sala Colonia. Rome kept the colony to 250. C., when the rulers abandoned the Berbers, who played an important role in Muslim Spain.
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