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Qatar (in Arabic قطر, Qatar) is a state in the Middle East located on the south shore of the Persian Gulf that only shares the border with Saudi Arabia (the south). Its been called the Emirate of Qatar (دولة قطر). The Qatar peninsula juts 160 km into the Persian Gulf from Saudi Arabia. Much of the country is low, barren plain, covered with sand. To the southeast is the impressive Khor Adaid or the "inland sea", an area of ​​sand dunes surrounding a bay of the Gulf. The highest point in Qatar is in the Jebel Dukhan to the west, a series of low outcrops of limestone that was from south to north through zikr Umm Bad to the southern border, which extends to 90 meters above the sea. In this area there are also major deposits of oil inside Qatar, while natural gas deposits are in the sea northwest of the peninsula.

In Qatar you can visit cities like Doha, Qatar or Qatar
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