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Travel to Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is an island country in Central America associate freely in the United States of America. The island of Puerto Rico, the original Arawak name of which was Borik (Borinquen in Spanish) is the smallest and easternmost of the Greater Antilles and is located between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to the north to the south . To the west, over the Mona separates the Dominican Republic, and east over the Virgin separates the U.S. Virgin Islands. The total area is 9104 square kilometers and a population of 3,957,988 inhabitants (2002). The status of Puerto Rico includes the main island (mountainous, with a maximum height of 1338 m at Cerro Punta) and a number of small islands and islets, the largest of which are Mona (uninhabited) , Vieques and Culebra. The capital is San Juan, with 422,000 inhabitants, and within the urban area there are large centers such as Bayamón and Carolina, both with over one hundred thousand inhabitants. The second city of Ponce is the island, with 180,000 inhabitants. In 1991, after its authorities had declared Spanish as official language, "the people of Puerto Rico" was awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature.

In Puerto Rico you can visit cities like Aguadilla, Arroyo, Bahía De Jobos or Vieques
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