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Tourist and travel guide of Puebla

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In Puebla you can visit places like Templo de Santo Domingo, Museo Casa del Alfeñique, Museo de la Revolución or Puebla
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Puebla is one of the 32 states of Mexico. Located in the central-eastern Mexico. Bordered on the east by the state of Veracruz on the west by the states of Hidalgo, Mexico, Tlaxcala and Morelos and south by the states of Oaxaca and Guerrero. Puebla has no outlet to the sea, and has extremely rugged relief. Its area is 34,251 km ², in which they live more than five million people that make this state the fifth most populous country. The state capital is Puebla de Zaragoza, Mexico's fourth largest city by the number of its inhabitants. The state of Puebla has been of great importance in the history of Mexico. Within it were found the oldest remains of maize and potatoes in the region of Tehuacán, was the scene of pre-Hispanic cities as important as Cantona and Cholula. During the colonial era, the city of Puebla became the second largest city in New Spain, thanks to its strategic location between Mexico City and Veracruz. In the late nineteenth century, the state was among the first to industrialize, with the introduction of power looms that favored the development of the textile industry. Despite this, more recently, Municipalities Mixteca region of the Sierra Norte and Sierra Negra have become net ejectors population, whose main destinations are Mexico City, and for two decades, U.S.. The state's name comes from its capital, Heroic Puebla de Zaragoza or La Angelopolis in the 21st century, founded on April 16, 1531 under the name of Puebla de los Ángeles.4 Legend has it that angels came in a dream to Julian Garces, first Bishop of Tlaxcala, and pointed where he had found the new Spanish population in the place called Cuetlaxcoapan ('Where the snakes shed their skin "). The coat of arms granted by Charles V to the city commemorates this legend. Originally the name given to the city of Los Angeles. At the conclusion of the War of Independence, Puebla emerged as one of the provinces of the Mexican Empire, and in 1823 was incorporated as a Free and Sovereign State of Puebla, which is its formal name.
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