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Tourist and travel guide of Pistoia

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  • Population: 85267

In Pistoia you can visit places like Baptistry, Museo Civico, Chiesa di San Andrea or Pistoia
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Pistoia (Pistoia in Italian) is an Italian town in the province of Pistoia, Tuscany, with 89,418 people.1 City that houses many works of art in their churches and especially in his cathedral of the XII-XIII, which is the Pistoia pulpit representing the Massacre of the Innocents in relief of Giovanni Pisano is one of the most poignant representations of pain in this medieval period. Pistoria (Latin there are other names like Pistorium or Pistoriae) was a settlement of Gauls, Ligurians and Etruscans before becoming a Roman colony in the sixth century BC. The place was located on the Via Cassia: in 62 BC, the demagogue Catiline and his fellow conspirators were near death. From the V century onwards the city was bishopric during the reign of the Lombards was real city with several privileges. Pistoia's golden age began in 1177 when it proclaimed free commune: in later years became an important political center erected walls and several public and religious buildings.
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