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Paraguay is the "wilderness area" of South America, a country little known even among his own neighbors. For much of its history, has distanced itself from the American mainstream, and over a significant period of the twentieth century has been the most notorious police state and permanently in South America. Because frankly summed P. J. O'Rourke, writing that "Paraguay is nowhere and famous for nothing", who later, when making a flying visit to cover the elections, immediately fell in love with the place. The traveler will probably happen the same, since Paraguay has made great strides to overcome its political isolation, economic and geographical, and is now a tourist destination. The capital is a quiet spot on the banks of the Paraguay River, the country also offers impressive Jesuit missions, several national parks and one of the largest desert areas of South America: the vast, arid Chaco.

In Paraguay you can visit cities like Asunción, Encarnación, Paraguay or Paraguay
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Paraguay (Guarani: Paraguái), officially called the Republic of Paraguay (Guarani: Teta Paraguái), is a country located in south central and eastern South America and in the north and northeast of the Southern Cone. To the south, southeast and southwest by Argentina, the east by Brazil and Bolivia to the northwest. The Paraguayan territory is the seventh largest country in South America and occupies two distinct regions separated by the Paraguay River, the Oriental, which is the most populous, and the West, part of the Chaco Boreal. While it is a country that has no sea coast, 6 has ports on the Paraguay and Parana rivers that give an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean through the Paraguay-Paraguay Paraná.7 is a secular, democratic, unified, organized in seventeen governorates or departments and capital. Is a founding member of Mercosur with Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay is a member of UNASUR. Among his greatest highlights export potential power, the second largest exporter of energy and with Brazil owner of one of the largest operational hydroelectric world.8 is the fourth largest soybean producer and ninth largest exporter of beef. In 2010, Paraguay experienced the largest economic expansion in Latin America and the second fastest in the world, only after Catar.9
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