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Tourist and travel guide of Ostia Antica

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In Ostia Antica you can visit places like Castello di Giulio Ii, Ostica Antica Ruins or Ostia Antica
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Ostia Antica was an ancient city on the Tyrrhenian coast, in ancient Latium, Italy, worked as a port of ancient Rome and perhaps its first colony [citation needed]. It was located at the mouth of the river Tiber. According to legend, was founded by Anco Marcio, one of the kings of Rome in the seventh century. C. Archaeological finds, however, suggest that his past back to the fourth century. C. [citation needed]. Most visible older buildings that can be seen today date from the third century. C., called Castrum (military camp) and Capitolium a later date, the (temple of the god Jupiter, Juno and Minerva). Although Ostia was probably founded for the sole purpose of military defense, as the invading armies could enter the mouth of the Tiber and come to Rome for him, eventually, Ostia became a commercial port and many of the goods that Rome received from its colonies and provinces passed through Ostia. Finally, Ostia replaced Pozuoli (Puteoli) near Naples. In 87 BC the city was ravaged by Mario [citation needed], and again in 67 plundered by pirates. After this second attack was rebuilt and Cicero provided with protective walls. The town developed during the first century, especially under the rule of Tiberius who ordered the construction of the first forum. The city was also enriched by the construction of a port at the mouth of the Tiber (which reaches the sea through a mouth larger in Ostia, Fiumara Grande, and closer near where today is the international airport Fiumicino). The new harbor, called Portus without recatos was excavated in the ground on the orders of Emperor Claudius in a hexagonal shape to reduce the impact force of the waves.
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