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The Sultanate of Oman is a state located in the Middle East Asia, the southeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders the United Arab Emirates to the north, with Saudi Arabia to the west and Yemen on the southwest, while to the east is washed by the Gulf of Oman to the north of Ra's al-Hadd and the Arabian Sea south of the head. Archaeology seems to confirm that Oman was the ancient land of Magan or Makan. In the first millennium there were migrations from the Yemen with the rule of the Saudi himyarites on the southwest. From the sixth century BC until the arrival of Islam in the seventh century Oman was under the government and / or the influence of three Persian dynasties: the Achaemenid dynasty, the Parthians and Sassanid. The latter succeeded the parties during the third century and ruled until the arrival of Islam. The Greeks and Romans used to call Oman.

In Oman you can visit cities like Muscat, Oman, Sur or Sur
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